Welcome Starting Line Daycare

We would like to welcome Starting Line Daycare and Learning Center in Havertown, Pennsylvania to our client list. This is another WordPress installation that is easy for the customer to maintain.

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WordCamp Philadelphia 2012


The WordCamp Philadelphia will be held on October 20th and 21st, 2012. Get ready for a Spooky Filled weekend dedicated to WordPress.

More Information

They are looking for speakers and volunteers to help with the event.

Contact Information

For more info visit: http://2012.philly.wordcamp.org/

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The Future Of Mobile

Here’s an eye opener about the future of MOBILE! The chart shows how fast the industry is moving. We are no longer designing for the desktop, we will be designing for the mobile phone, then maybe think about the desktop! Right now we design for the desktop, and if you have enough money to spend, we will also design for the Mobile phone!!!!

The Future Of Mobile [DECK].

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How to create an ipad app

Let me rephrase that. How to create an ipad app on your website to let users use for free without going through the Apple App Store. That’s what I wanted to say.

Fact – ipad’s are different

DAH! But really, they don’t display like websites and they have that turn the dang computer thing going on!

Why a free ipad App?

There are enough ipad users in your field right now. Especially if you are selling to business owners. Why not give them information for free. Hassle free, no store to go through, or waiting for approval.

How about a website for just ipad users?

Why not? Design a website that is just for ipad users. The proper size. Made especially for their size screen. Fact is a normal website doesn’t look to good on an ipad because of the difference in screen resolution!

We do ipad App Design in Philadelphia Pa

We don’t make ipad Apps for the Apple Store. We could but that is not what we are talking about here. I am talking about designing a website, or a portion of your website just for the ipad. Take advantage of that beautiful robust high resolution screen on the ipad. Give us a call at 610-449-1281.


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Colors, Fonts, and Layout: How Do You Get Started with Blog Design?

Really detailed article about how to design a wordpress website.

Colors, Fonts, and Layout: How Do You Get Started with Blog Design?.

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Today’s Lesson: Domain and Email Security

Very Detailed article – Worth the time

Today’s Lesson: Domain and Email Security | MediaMark Spotlight.

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New Web Hosting Service

We are pleased to announce our new web development and web hosting service called Editable Hosted Websites. This service makes it quick and easy to start a website.

Who would use it?

The business owner that needs a very low maintenance website, that is easy to edit and make changes to.

Come check us out

Why not stop over and see what it’s all about. Come visit Editable Hosted Websites today!

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Designers Guide to Developing WordPress Pages

Just about anything can be done using WordPress and CSS these days in relation to design of a website.

Front Page concerns

A WordPress Website is made up of pages. DUH! The reason I bring this up is because with WordPress you can have a static Front Page with the blog page being inside your website. Or, you could have the dynamically created blog front page. I usually prefer the static Front Page. I like having control of what the user sees when they first go to my site, not what I happen to be writing about at the time! I also like having control of the amount of links on my front page. Using the dynamically created blog page, you have a lot of links on one page. Another benefit of the Static Front Page is the SEO benefits. I want to let the search engines know what my website is all about, and you have more control over this with a static Front Page.

Design concerns with the Dynamic Blog Front Page

Most WordPress pages are made up of certain sections. These sections are: Header, Navigation Bar, Footer, Sidebar and Content Area.

Here is an illustration showing the various sections of a WordPress Page:

The Content Area is the white area to the left of the sidebar. Fact is you could have as many columns as you would like. You could have pages with no sidebar. The illustration above is the normal out of the box installation. Every page on your website will usually have the same header, navigation bar, sidebar and footer. The Content section would change with each page. Each section of the web page is generated separately using php programming. The design, or the presentation, of all sections is controlled from the main CSS file. Basically anything goes.

Design Concerns with a Static Front Page

When you have a static Front page on your website anything goes! You are taking control of your Front Page and making a custom design. But, and that’s a big BUTT, If you use the same Header, Navigation Bar and Footer as your inside pages it is to your benefit. If you don’t use the same header, navigation bar and footer as the rest of the site, you will have to remember to make changes to the Static Front Page design when you do make new changes to the inside Header, Navigation Bar or Footer. This could also save your design Team money. Instead of a design for the Front Page and the Inside Pages, you could just design the Inside Pages, then the Content Section of the Static Front Page! If you are going to use the Static Front Page please make sure the Front Page looks like it belongs to the rest of the website. Create Unity in your website!

WordPress Themes

You can find all free WordPress Themes at the WordPress.org website. At the time of this posting there were just under 1,500 themes and they have been downloaded 36 million times. I find the easiest way to look at a bunch of themes at one time is to use their WordPress Themes Filter Interface. For the first time user, select a color like blue, then click on the “Find Themes” button up top. Under the form all kinds of themes show up. This makes it very easy and quick to find the theme that might work for you.

What you should be looking for

Check out how each of the section of the inside page are handled. Just remember, you are looking for a guide. You change the colors, you change the sizes of the sections, you change the fonts. Note: Remember fonts should be web standard fonts. Using images for fonts are pretty, but they aren’t read by the search engines. That being said, if you want something to be read by the search engines – NO IMAGES!

Why use a WordPress theme?

1 – They have been checked for malicious code (thanks spellcheck! Ha Ha!). If you download a theme from someone elses websites – BEWARE!

2 – If you let the coder know what theme you are basing your design on you can save the client money! Or better yet, If it’s already quoted, you can pocket more money! The coder just downloads the theme, and alters it to your design. Nothing could be more wasteful then having your designer use a WordPress Theme as a guide for their design, then not let the coder know the theme is already done, and they only have to alter the code!

Coders – Submit you themes!

Once your new theme is done, you could submit the theme for others to use. Remember, about 1500 people have done this for your benefit!

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WordCamp Philadelphia 2011 Dates Announced

The WordCamp Philadelphia crew has announced the dates for their Annual Get Together. This year it will be a two day event instead of one day!

Dates of WordCamp Philly

The event will be held on Saturday November 5 and Sunday November 6. Whats new is the second day being added for just discussions and presentations for just WordPress developers. I love it! Thank you WordCamp Philadelphia Team.

Who attends WordCamp?

Anybody and everybody that has anything to do with WordPress. There is something for everyone. More details will be coming, so stay in touch!

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The Annual WordPress Conference

The Annual WordPress Conference will be held in San Francisco this year.

WordPress › The Annual WordPress Conference: WordCamp SF 2011.

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